High Striker Hire in Widnes, Warrington, Runcorn, St Helens & Manchester

The high striker has been a part of the fairground fun since Victorian times...

Simple but addictive, and fiercely competitive, it is an irresistible test of strength and machismo that soon separates the men from the boys.

The idea is easy enough; just hit the peg with the mallet hard enough to send the striker all the way up to 100 to ring the bell. But of course, it’s not as easy as that. Unless you are a gym junkie, you’ll need to work on your technique and perfect your swing if you want to make the bell ring – which means that the boys will be back time and time again for another try.

The high striker adds a real sense of tradition to any carnival or fun day, making a welcome change from all the hi-tech video games and phone apps that have taken over our lives. And it’s an excellent addition to any corporate event, bringing out the competitive streak in your teams, while also creating a problem solving challenge to see who can figure out the winning technique first.

We can deliver the high striker across the North West, and set it up safely for the day, ready to bring out the fun or bring in the funds. You’ll get everything you need, including the all-important mallet, and we can advise you on the best way to make money from this traditional attraction.

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High Striker Hire