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Black & Blue A Frame Castle

Black & Blue A-frame Bouncy Castle Hire in St Helens, Manchester, Widnes, Warrington & Runcorn

The trouble with kids these days, is that it’s just so hard to keep up with what’s cool and what’s not. Last week’s big thing can so quickly become yesterday’s news, especially when opinions are shared so fast on social media.

So don’t risk hiring a bouncy castle that could be out of fashion before it even arrives. Play it safe with this colourful castle and just let the bouncing be the main attraction.

Crafted in standout electric blue and black stripes, this castle will stay cool whoever is in or out with your kids this week. And with high walls on three sides and a huge inflatable crash mat at the front, they can really let rip and leave all that peer pressure behind as they bouncy away like crazy. Add a sound and light show speaker for just £20 extra and you can make sure the music is right up to the minute from your smart phone or MP3 player.

Striking, yet neutral in style, this bouncy castle for hire will appeal to boys and girls from toddlers to teens, so it’s perfect for a family party with a range of ages, or for a school event that all year groups can be part of. It’s fully enclosed too, so even the rain won’t stop play.

Staying away from a set style will also work wonders at your fundraising event, avoiding branding your bouncy castle as a ‘little kids’ attraction. Set different times for different age groups and hire an ice-cream van to keep the other kids occupied (and spending) while they wait for their turn.

Of course, if you do want a themed bouncy castle for hire, we have lots to choose from, from princesses to superheroes, ​and even Warrington Wolves, so talk to our friendly team to find the best bouncy castle hire for you.

If you're interested in our A-frame inflatable then you can order online using the buttons below or if you have any questions you can fill in the enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. ​You can also contact us in the following ways:

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Price: £60

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